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LACTIMED will follow its action until November 2015!


LACTIMED Capacity Building

LACTIMED was reaching its end by mid-May 2015, after two and half year of project, rich in exchanges and actions for the Mediterranean dairy chain. Following the last MED Week organised in Montpellier and Marseille, all the project partners gathered for a steering committee and drew the same analysis: the numerous initiatives launched could still benefit for a strengthened support until the end of the year. This conducted the consortium to request for an extension of the project period until November 2015, which was recently approved by the ENPI CBC MED Programme.


This extension will offer the opportunity to support the priority actions (dairy clusters sustainability, support to the innovation competition laureates, creation of business relationships), to organise exchanges of experience between territories and to strengthen the capitalisation process.


The project newsletter will continue during this period in order to keep you informed about the activities and the project results.