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Local strategies

Diagnosis and local strategies for promoting typical dairy products


Coordinated by the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier

dairy farm in Greece


In order to promote integrated development of the dairy chains of Alexandria and Beheira (Egypt), the Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel (Lebanon), Bizerte and Beja (Tunisia), Sicily (Italy) and Thessaly (Greece), the project carried out a diagnosis of these value chains and an analysis of the opportunities in the national and international markets, thus helping local authorities and support structures to adopt a strategy for promoting the typical dairy products of their territory.

For each territory, this diagnosis involved the following steps:


  • Inventory of the dairy chain: literature review over the past decade, identification of local stakeholders (farmers, processors, distributors, suppliers, public authorities, support and training structures, etc.), interviews and working groups with experts and key stakeholders;
  • Field surveys of producers: application of questionnaires to a representative sample of farmers and processors to analyse their contribution to the local value chain, production and distribution systems, innovations in recent years, as well as the ability of producers to join together in a cluster;
  • Identification of typical dairy products: definition of production specifications for ten products, from animal feed to cheese ripening to guarantee the artisanal, traditional and sustainable character of the product;
  • Opportunities in domestic markets: data analysis and consumer surveys in Egypt, Greece, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia to assess the domestic demand for dairy products with particular attention to sources of supply for consumers;
  • Opportunities in international markets: analysis of the international dairy trade (exports from participating countries, importing countries, trade barriers, transport and logistics), trends in global markets (consumption by product type, buying behaviour, marketing, etc.), opportunities and challenges (niche markets, success stories, key success factors);
  • Summary and proposal of a local action plan: SWOT analysis of the local dairy chain, identification of the additional capabilities and innovations needed to maintain typical dairy productions and develop them into new markets, strategic recommendations for the adoption of an action plan by local stakeholders.

Dairy farm in Egypt


The results of the 5 diagnoses were presented on 9 October 2013 at a regional restitution workshop in Bizerte and discussed with all the project partners and associates as well as with a panel of Tunisian and international experts. The conclusions of these discussions have been incorporated into the final reports. The latter can be uploaded here.