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December 2015 


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Dear readers,
Dear partners and supports of the LACTIMED project,
LACTIMED project will be officially concluded on 31 December 2015, after three years of Mediterranean cooperation to valorise typical dairy products. 
On behalf of the LACTIMED consortium, the coordination team would like to thank all the partners and stakeholders that have been involved, who contributed to the success of this project. We would like to thank particularly the Joint Technical Secretariat and the Managing Authority of the ENPI-CBC MED Programme, and the European Commision for their support and trust.  
We have reached, even exceeded most of the objectives established, and the next months will allow us to assess the impact of our actions. Especially, eight pilot clusters have been developed around priorities such as quality, commercialisation and access to finance for SMEs. We have mentored 38 entrepreneurs on their projects development and the 10 most innovative projects of the sector benefited from a EUR 100,000 grant. Promotion and commercialisation have involved 104 MSMEs producers while the common actions on 15 towns in 6 countries, allowing them to promote and sell their dairy products to thousand of consumers and professionals. They also participated in 1308 business meetings with 150 buyers
Other important results also deserve to be highlighted. The final brochure will be released in January 2016, showing the most significant steps and results of the project.
The whole work has benefited from the close cooperation of hundreds of stakeholders and businesses involved for more than three years towards a common objective: Strengthening the production and distribution of typical dairy products in the Mediterranean. This cooperation has been enhanced during the project, whether across the pilot territories or the Mediterranean region: It witnessed the emergence of a network of people and stakeholders gathering private sector, public authorities, academic institutions and civil society. This network provides a solid basis for further developments, to face challenges that still remain in the sector - highlighted on the LACTIMED White Paper - and raising all its potential.  

Moreover, this last newsletter of the LACTIMED project is the opportunity to invite you to follow the exchanges with the Mediterranean dairy chain stakeholders, and to meet them through the 28 agri-touristic steps highlighted in the Route of Mediterranean dairy products, recently launched.  
The coordination team of the LACTIMED project 



LACTIMED Roadshow in Greece
A LACTIMED Roadshow in Greece on "Mediterranean Cheeses on the Greek Market" (27 September-02 October 2015) marked the opportunity for Greek producers to exchange experience with their Mediterranean counterparts. A group of SMEs beneficiaries and project partners travelled to Larissa, Corfu and Athens to present their products to the general public and professionals at a joint exhibition stand in these city centres with the help of the local chambers of commerce. This activity directly involved 27 participants (representing 13 SMEs, 3 support organisations, 4 university representatives, 1 public authority and 1 international organisation) and many consumers, professionals and chamber of commerce officials attending exhibitions, tastings and business meetings. In Corfu, an event to taste typical cheeses from project beneficiaries was organised in association with chefs from the island. The purpose was to strike up direct relations between producers and chefs.

Ensuring sustainability for clusters
Between October and December 2015, a project team went to each of the territories to work with the members of the 8 cluster pilot projects. The aim was to review the implementation progress, make an assessment and collect feedback from the actors on successes and obstacles. From these elements, a roadmap was elaborated jointly to strengthen the sustainability of clusters.
Strengthening the Egyptian cluster by exchanges with sicily 

A twelve-person Egyptian delegation (representing SMEs, ministries, universities, dairy industry support organisations and the Egyptian cluster itself) travelled to Sicily on 22 to 26 November 2015 to visit the LACTIMED award-winning farm of Sandra Invidiata. Sandra is, herself, a member of the Sicilian cluster, launched as part of the project. The delegation also visited the CORFILAC dairy industry research consortium and the visit focused on talks about the downstream part of the dairy chain and, in particular, promoting typical products. They also visited other companies as well as meeting with local chambers of commerce. The aim was to better understand practices related to protecting and enhancing local breeds and typical products.
The Route of Mediterranean dairy products

LACTIMED initiated a Route of Mediterranean Dairy Products and produced a tourist guide to travel along it. This journey travels through the project's five pilot regions, from Bizerte to Alexandria via Sicily, Thessaly and Bekaa. It also highlights 28 agri-tourism sites identified between September 2014 and April 2015. The guide features hikes through pastures, discovering farms rearing sheep, goats and cows, learning how to make Pecorino, Halloumi, Rumi cheeses, and tasting local specialities, etc. The purpose of all these activities is to attract visitors to the heart of rural areas in the Mediterranean. They will be promoted by responsible travel agencies and other sustainable tourism players. The guide is also available online at where you can select activities based on different research criteria (country, accommodation, catering, farm visits, cheese dairy visits, hikes, cultural visits, visits geared to children and accessible to people with reduced mobility). The Route of Mediterranean dairy products has been officially launched on 16 December 2015 in Athens.
Capitalisation workshop and final meeting in Athens
After 37 months, LACTIMED project will end on 31 December 2015. All the partners and associates, along with dairy producers, gathered on 16 December 2015 for a capitalization workshop. The objective was to collectively evaluate the project action and to conduct a reflection on the impact and lessons learnt. On this occasion, the Route of Mediterranean dairy products has been officially launched.




LACTIMED white book  
"Recommendations for reinforcing favorable conditions for typical and innovative Mediterranean dairy products" 
Made by various actors of the dairy chain, they aim to raise awareness concerning constraints having considerable impact on the dairy value chain and also the importance of implementing necessary actions to fully promote typical local dairy products.
They argue for a strong and pragmatic institutional support in order to create favorable conditions for a stronger dairy chain, through inclusive local development.
Report on dairy products market and international opportunities
This report aims at shedding light on production, international market, consumption trends and evolution, distribution channels, attitudes and behaviors of consumers. 
"8 clusters in the Mediterranean for a more competitive dairy chain" brochure
Highlighting of eight cluster pilot projects developed in the framework of the LACTIMED project. 
"Route of Mediterranean Dairy Products" Guide
Touristic guide allowing furrowing the five pilot territories of the LACTIMED project, from Bizerte to Alexandria, through Sicily, Thessaly and the Bekaa. It highlights 28 steps of agri-tourism identified between September 2014 and April 2015.


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The Cheese and Dairy Products Show
Paris, France - From 28/02/2016 to 2/03/2016  [Read+]
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