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A reference web-guide for Sicilian dairy chain


Sicilian Roots is a recently built website where we can improve our knowledge about traditional Sicilian cheese making and breeding. It was created in the framework of  the LACTIMED cluster project in Sicilia and developed by Sicilian dairy chain stakeholders.


Sicilian Roots offer a great learning service to all of us interested in the cheese making processes and the traditional breeding practices. In addition to discovering their work, you will have the opportunity to better know about planning a holiday at one of their agritourism (farm stays) and, above all, tasting and buying theirs cheeses.


Within this site, you will also find the details of the cheesemongers, affineurs and shops in Sicily and across Italy, that regularly offer a range of theirs products, as well as the restaurants and taverns where their cheeses are used in cooking.

Sicilian Roots’ cheeses are made from raw milk using traditional techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation, without the use of industrial enzymes. They raise native animal breeds – some of which are at risk of extinction – and graze them free-range for much of the year on pastures in uncontaminated areas of the island.

The Sicilian Roots philosophy is based on 4 different points:


  • Preserving and passing on traditional knowledge

With the abandonment of agriculture and breeding, and the disappearance of skilled artisan dairy producers, we risk losing an unparalleled gastronomic heritage.


  • Using raw milk

Pasteurization not only destroys harmful bacteria, it also destroys the useful bacteria that allow milk to take on the aroma of pastures and grasses, contributing to a cheese’s unique identity based on territorial distinctive peculiarities.


  • Raising animals on pastures

The best milk comes from grazing areas where wild grasses grow, there is a rich diversity of plant life and the animals are free to graze on what they feel is best suited to their well being.


  • Preserving and protecting indigenous local breeds

Today, many of Sicilian indigenous breeds are disappearing (Cinisara and Modicana cattle, Girgentana goat…) due to competition from others breeds chosen for their high performance in providing large volumes of milk. Buying cheeses made from the milk of indigenous breeds raised locally is a great way to support local biodiversity.