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Market of local dairy producers, Palermo, SiciliaIn order to turn productions towards national markets and to help them in reaching new international markets, the project will involve medias, retail, tourism and catering sectors during the Weeks of typical dairy products, which are real showcases for the producers and their products. These activities will contribute to increase the visibility of the Mediterranean typical dairy products, thus stimulating food consumption patterns healthy and balanced within Mediterranean populations. 
At local and national levels, project partners will organise five “Weeks of the Local Dairy Products” of Alexandria and El-Beheira, Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel, Bizerte and Béja, Sicily and Thessaly, which will include a market of local dairy producers. In order to discover the products, their organoleptic characteristics, their stories, their pastures, their process of production and present what is the dairy chain nowadays, taste workshops will be held by the winners of the competition and / or by chefs. Beside the market, business meetings will be organised with potential buyers with a view to diversifying and developing distribution channels of producers.
Local Week at Zahlé, Lebanon
At regional level, five « Weeks of the Mediterranean dairy products” will be organised in Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia, through the participation of LACTIMED to international food-processing fairs. The regional dimension will be ensured through the participation of producers from all the pilot territories. They will be accompanied by persons responsible for local promotion from their region. The objective is to promote at the same time tourism and local products, which could contribute to an integrated development of rural areas of the Mediterranean.

 Taste workshop, Palermo, Sicily

This will be strengthened by the presentation and communication of the “Route of the Typical Dairy Products of the Mediterranean” which will allow getting to know rural areas and their agro-tourism activities relating to these products.
With the view of gaining access to new markets, producers will participate to business meetings with international buyers. As for the “local Weeks”, the project partners will support them in the preparation of these meetings.
The weeks are an opportunity to disseminate the project results and to present the investment and partnership opportunities identified within the local chains and to highlight publications (local diagnosis, brochures on typical dairy products, etc.). They will include numerous awareness and communication actions: public conferences to promote typical dairy products and conferences on themes related to the dairy chain, organisation of taste workshops, cooking contests, media campaign and / or press conference etc.