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© Photos Coyau, CC BY SA - Wikimedia Commons

WikiCheese: cheese and photo!


Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, has launched an appeal for help to provide more photos of French cheese. Wikipedia’s entries on French cheese were severely lacking in photos.  In order to help foodies distinguish the country’s 400 distinct varieties of cheese, the blog announced the creation of WikiCheese.

The operation will be financed through the crowdfunding platform and aims to collect 5 000 euros from donors. The objective is to photographically document 200 cheeses or more depending on the amount collected.

Wikipedians who contribute will be invited to monthly cheese-eating sessions where they could learn about the products, watch them to be snapped by professional photographers and taste them.

When the project is complete, Wikipedia plans to make all the high-definition cheese pictures available on Wikimedia Commons from where they can be used for free by anyone.